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3 ways to calm your nerves for your photo session!


Everyone experiences nervousness before a photo session. Even us as photographers get nervous in front of the camera. CRAZY RIGHT?
Here's 3 ways I've found that help calm your nerves for your session. 

1. Talk to your photographer! Are you nervous about what to wear? Or how to pose? Tell them what you’re nervous about and communicate it with them! Chances are, they’ll help you out to solve what you’re nervous about or give you some advice! This is a big part of our job anyways, is to be there for you, make you feel comfortable, and help you with your outfits and poses!

2. Get to know your photographer! The more you get to know them and be friends with them, the more comfortable you will be with them and you’ll loosen up around them and grow trust! 

3. Have fun!! Don't go into your session tense and don’t take it so seriously! The pictures will come out so much better when you’re relaxed, and having fun anyways! Listen to some music, bring champagne, laugh, and have a good time!

for the ones in front of the camera

For the photographers

Think about what you would need when you're in front of the camera! For me personally here are a few things i've implemented to keep my clients comfortable & things I do for myself when taking self-portraits!

1. KEEP THEM MOVING! Movement is key. No one whats to be standing like a statue for to long or else it looks tense & it FEELS tense. Instead, try moving your subjects around. It also helps them to forget that there is a camera, and helps them to have more fun! A great app I like to use for posing ideas with movement is the "Unscripted Posing" App. It's inspiring and super informative on prompts to use when posing.

2. Hype up your subjects! Don't be the silent shooter. Compliment them when they show up about their outfits, hair, etc. While shooting, show them the photos and get excited about them. Tell them they're doing amazing. (I don't care how many times you have say "OMG SO CUTE" in one session) Also be sure to give clear direction if something doesn't look right and needs to be changed. This will also help the clients to have more confidence in you.

3. Incorporate/Plan a special memento for them. I love planning shoots in places where my clients feel at home. Whether that's literally at home, or in the desert, in their favorite coffee shop, not only will it make them feel relaxed being in a place they love, it will be unique & special to their personalities. I also always encourage clients to bring something personal to them. For example, a couple of mine had a strong Native American background, so they brought special pieces of their heritage to the shoot and wore them throughout the shoot. Also, another couple who had met on Cinco De Mayo for margaritas, brought margaritas to their session!